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Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista, Arkansas, Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services. United Building Maintenance.






Bank Cleaning

United Building Maintenance is your local bank cleaning experts with years of experience and an excellent reputation for great pricing and exceptional customer service.

With a full fleet of the latest window cleaning technology and work vehicles, we are equipped to clean and maintain  mid-rises, interior and exterior windows, and much more.Commercial Window Cleaning

United Building Maintenance is the skillful local construction cleaning authorities with decades of experience and certifications under our belts. We move quickly through your premises thoroughly dusting, wiping and refreshing fixtures, surfaces, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and more.Construction Cleaning

Companies all over this city are switching to healthier green cleaning alternatives to save time and money while reducing their environmental footprint. United Building Maintenance is a responsible green cleaning company with decades of experience perfecting our eco-friendly cleaning services.Green Cleaning

Wherever people gather to work up a sweat and improve their cardio and circulatory systems, one thing is for certain, a good gym cleaning is important to the health and well-being of everyone. Protect your clients and employees from fast-spreading pathogens and keep your building sparkling whatever your unique challenges are.Gym Cleaning

Doctors and medical professionals rely on a clean environment to keep patients and employees safe and to prevent the spread of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. United Building Maintenance is well-known for being among the top-rated medical office cleaning specialists in the city.Medical Office Cleaning

Entering an office that has not been properly cleaned for a while is the first thing your clients will notice. Don’t let clutter and mess be their first impression of you. Your business needs an office building cleaning team you can rely on. We are here to be that that support for you.Office Building Cleaning

Putting the finishing touches on any commercial construction project means cleaning up dust, dirt, and debris contractors inevitably leave behind. United Building Maintenance specializes in post-construction cleaning, offering affordable rates and pristine finished results—guaranteed.Post-Construction Cleaning

Every company requires different levels of care and service depending on how much traffic they see and what the nature of the work they do is. We specialize in working with you to build actionable building maintenance plans that match your goals and budget consistently.Scheduled Cleaning

With so much traffic and many touch points and avenues for pathogens to spread, educational facilities need to be prepared with a meticulous school cleaning game plan. Removing and preventing the spread of bacteria, fungus, and viruses keep your learning population and staff safe and healthy all year long.School Cleaning

Retail building managers contend with multiple factors that require you to have a near bulletproof shopping center cleaning plan to keep your clients and employees healthy and out of harm’s way all year long. United Building Maintenance has perfected a full suite of versatile commercial cleaning services that focus on meeting and exceeding your goals.Shopping Center Cleaning

Winter is a particularly challenging time to keep any commercial environment clean, and high traffic areas usually impacted no matter how well laid out your floor plans are. Combat the stresses of mess, clutter, and dirt any time of year with United Building Maintenance’s deep spring cleaning expertise.Spring Cleaning

Getting your floors, kitchen counters, back-splashes and bathrooms sparkling clean is what we are best known for. Even when your grout is discolored, and tiles have seen better days. United Building Maintenance professionals are vetted tile and grout cleaning experts with years of training and experience working with local companies of all varieties. Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning

Basic commercial cleaning services serve different needs and goals than focused warehouse cleaning specialists. We are well versed in the ins and outs of regulations surrounding warehousing safety and have spent years training to clean industry-specific machinery properly.Warehouse Cleaning






Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista, Ark
United States

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