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Cleaning Tips

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On this page we would like to share some cleaning tips that might be helpful for daily cleaning.

When we are cleaning houses, we want to do it in a quickly and timely manner, with minimum consumption of resources. If you apply the following cleaning tips, the cleaning of your apartment or house will be much easier and more efficient. These cleaning tips are designed to help you clean more faster and effectively.


When cleaning dust: Always start from top to the bottom.

When cleaning floors: Start from the back and work your way to the front of the room.

Use the right cleaning supplies.

If you immediately soak up the stain, it is much easier to clean them. The sooner the better.

In cleaning, time should be an ally.

Read the instructions.

If in doubt, check areas that are not visible, before cleaning.

Properly organize your cleaning process and supplies.

Quick cleaning of the apartment - this is when you put everything in the right place.

Involve professionals in cleaning.

Clean any and all dirt immediately.

Start cleaning from kitchen.

Floor cleaning: Try to rinse well and frequently change cloths that the floor was always clean.

Floor cleaning: Rag should be moist, but not wet, so excess moisture can not enter the cavity.

Deep cleaning recommended to do once a week.

With a lack of time, use services of cleaning companies.

Disorder in the house often consists of scattered around house stuff.

Wet cleaning - the best cleaning for floor and good for health.

Never attempt to do cleaning if you fill tired.

To remove dust and stains from furniture, do not use detergents.

Cleaning, prevents premature ageing of objects that surround us.

The last step in cleaning should be the floor.

Cleanliness is not where you cleaning, but where you do not litter.

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