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Carpet Repair

Save Time, Money & Your Carpets

                       with Professional Carpet Repair & Stretching Services

If you have a problem with carpet, we can fix it. If you have been told your carpet cannot be repaired, let us solve the problem for you. Repairing your carpet is more economical than installing new carpet; and at United Carpets and Building Maint, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with prompt and professional carpet repair services, as well as new flooring installation when needed. We remove everything from cigarette burns and paint spills to water damage and pet stains. Make your home look new again with expert carpet repair and carpet stretching services from our professionals in NW Arkansas.


About Us
At United Carpets and Building Maint, all work is completed by trained carpet installers and repair technician.  


Carpet Repair and Stretching


Carpet Stretching
United Carpets and Building Maintenance, recommends that you have your carpet re-stretched whenever it begins to show wrinkles or becomes loose. Carpet stretching prolongs the life of your carpet and helps to prevent any accidents or falls from occurring. A power stretcher is always used, even in halls and closets. If you have a problem within the first 1 year, I will gladly come back and fix it at no additional cost to you. Warranty is limited to 1 year because I have to take into consideration where the carpet has already been cut by the previous installer.         

Carpet Seam Repair

United Carpets and Building Maintenance offers professional seam repair when your carpet seams are separating. We re-cut and redo seams as needed, and we pay close attention to all of the small details to make sure everything looks great when finished. Often times even better than the original 

Carpet Transitions                                        
Does your carpet meet another type of flooring in your house?  Have you recently installed new tile or wood flooring?  We will discuss with you all the different options and determine what fits your needs and desires best! 

Does your carpet have a spot that will not come clean?  Or perhaps a tear, burn or hole in it?  Don't worry, it can be repaired.  Contact us and we will explain how we can fix your specific problem.  No job is too small or to big!
Hollow sounding wood floors
Do your wood floors have hollow sound were no glue was
applied, or do you have a slight sunken hollow spot in the middle of your wooden floor. 
Scratched wood floors
Often times wood floors can get scratched. We can fix those floors and bring back the color and eliminate deep
Pet Damage
Often times the only way to fix severe pet damage, is to address the problem under the carpet.  It is usually necessary to replace the padding, and seal the affected areas of the sub-floor and tack-less strip.  This process combined with an aggressive cleaning of both the backing, and face yarn of your carpeting will ensure a complete removal of the offensive odor.

 We are NW Arkansas only carpet stretching and repair based company!  No one else has as much knowledge or experience as we do! Choose us for all your carpet repair NW Arkansas. 479-215-9087

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